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Here you will find some of the hottest Escort Erotic Stories online.  Please note that these stories are a work of fiction and any similarity to living or non living persons is purely confidential.

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My Asian Mistress Escort

I will always bow in front of the Asian mistress I had an encounter with. One of my most memorable afternoons I will remember for the time to come. She was beautiful, intellectual and also I was a big fan of her long hair.

A Japanese Escort blew my mind

I always knew that Japanese Escorts are beautiful. Never had I known better today that they are one of the hottest women to exist on earth. With the appetite for sensual erotica.

The hottest Oriental Escort in London

I always will love this Oriental London Escort. She gave me the best time of my life and I will never forget that. I actually had got everything from the site but the feeling was not yet to be a pet to me

My first Transexual Escort experience

Transexual Escorts are beautiful. More than what I had seen at the site.  A complete woman was she in her sense of style and magnitude, I was mesmerized.

A convincing Transexual Escort

It is truly an accolade for me to have spent a night with Transexual Escorts in London.   I would certainly say that a ravishing beauty was she. Magnificent, flawless, and her hair were like shining luster of nature.

This hot Korean London Escort goes all night

Sometimes we feel that Korean Escorts in London all look alike. But in the intimate case I realized that every single girl is different and has different powers of seduction.

What happened when a London Escort came to my hotel

Now, this was one time which I will always remember for the rest of my life. I spent beautiful time in the city of London and after this experience; I wished I could have the pleasure to experience it forever.

Oriental Escorts and a Lesbian show

Oriental Escorts are truly natural in their form of sensuality. Not only they perform the art well but highly skilled they are. My experience with two Asians was blasting and will always have it cherished whenever I think about it