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London Asian Escort Nationalities

Here you will find a guide to the different nationalities of Asian Escorts and Oriental Escorts listed at Sexy Asian Escorts and also a bit about their individual cultures.

Thai Escorts

Thailand is home to some of our stunning Asian Escorts and it is a wonderful place indeed.  is an independent country that lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is bordered to the north by Burma and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia .

Laos Escorts

Laos is a mountainous land locked country that is slowly gaining the reputation of a prolific Eco-tourism destination. If you love kayaking, caving and trekking, its countless rivers that criss cross its geography together with national parks.

Japanese Escorts

For many people, the term ‘Japan’ elicits many things, from futuristic robots, lightning fast speed cars, Ninjas and courteous kimono-clad beautiful Geisha and suit clad hardworking populace.

Korean Escorts

Korean Escorts from this country are known for their stunning looks and delicate features.

Chinese Escorts

The sightseeing in china gives any tourists the important ideas about the art, culture and civilization of the county.   Many Chinese London Escorts come to London looking to make a better life here.

Mayaysian Escorts

Malaysia is one of the rising jewels of the South-East Asia in terms of not only tourism but development and economy as well. It looks towards the future in a big way while cherishing the past that has shaped and forged it to what it is today