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Asian Escorts Services Guide

This is a guide to the variety of services that you can expect to find here at Sexy Asian Escorts.  Also it can be used as a reference guide for new clients who may not be as sure of all the things that we are able to arrange.  We hope that you wil find this service guide to be of use when making your bookings with Sexy Asian Escorts.

First time clients

Advise for all you first timers who may be feeling a little bit on the nervous side!

Watersports Escorts

The Escorts in London who offer this service can be found under our Fetish Escorts category.  We consider Watersports Escorts to be specialists in their field and enjoy doing this.

Role Play Escorts

When you look up the meaning of the word Role play you will find that it refers to the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role

Spanking London Escorts

Spanking in London is a very popular activity and we do have girls more than happy to give and receive this service.  We have a few ground rules here that are made to protect you and our girls so please take time to read this before making a booking .

Strap on Escorts

Strap on Escorts in London are very common and there are many reasons that clients may choose to see Strap on Escorts.
A strap on is a device or sex toy that is used by specialist Strap On Escorts.

BDSM London Escorts

One of our most popular breed of escorts are the BDSM London Escorts, and the sensual activity they master contains a mix of bondage, dominance, masochism, discipline, submission and sadism.

Body to Body Massage London Escorts

Getting a relaxing massage at the end of the hard day’s work can make you feel like in heaven and if you have booked an Asian escort for a body to body massage, you are sure in for some memorable sensual time.

Domination London Escorts

Domination London escorts are one of the most popular breed of escorts in London and many people who have been dreaming about having sexy and beautiful yet aggressive lady.

Fantasy London Escorts

Everybody have fantasies and many people love to share them and many prefer keeping it to their heart, especially the sensual fantasies. Not everyone have the luck to realize their sensual fantasies.

GFE London Escorts

If you are in London and want to experience perfect GFE time then you always have the option of booking a young and beautiful GFE London escort.

Mistress London Escorts

Sensuality is a part of life and one remembers it more so when traveling. If you are in London, amidst of other things, you would want to have a companion to enjoy the place even more.

Foot Fetish Escorts

Foot Fetish London Escorts who have long sexy legs and in the company of whom, you will experience the finest foot relishing time you ever had.

Sexual London Escorts

Sexual Escorts are in London which is a place where you will have the life that you could have never lived before. It is one of a kind of experience that one might have here.

Social London Escorts

Social Escorts are really based in a great place for this line of work.  London is probably the most happening place in the whole of Europe.

What is a Thai Massage

Thai massage is a form of massage which is popular throughout the world and in fact, the massages have become popular because of the Thai massages.