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How to avoid Escort related scams

It is not easy to define scams in the escort industry but non-payment, physical harassment, advance payments, refusal of services, extra services demand and few other specific issues are pretty commonly faced. Escort related scams are something in which both the client as well as escorts can be scammed and thus, one needs to be really careful and cautious while using the escort services as well as providing services.

The best way to avoid escort related scams is to ensure that you are contacting the most reputed escort agency in town and availing their services. Reputed escort agencies take extra care in ensuring that the services their escorts provide are top-notch and that no issues arise whatsoever. Escorts in the escort agencies are well trained and screened before putting them on board and thus, you can rest assured that you will get professional services in a personalized fashion, just like it should be.

For escorts, it is necessary that they ask for donations at the very beginning of the meeting and the onus is on the clients to pay donation before the escorts have to ask. It helps in building a connection faster. Both, the clients and the escorts can easily reach a comfort level through this courteous nature almost immediately.

As an escort it is necessary to put forward the do not list as soon as you can to the client. That way, the client knows his limits and escorts feel safer and more comfortable after the mutual limits for the session is agreed upon. There are many scam escort agencies working over the internet so clients need to ensure that whenever they are using the services of an escort agency, they particularly mention that they are not going to make any advance payments.

As a client, it is difficult most of the times to come out in open with escort related scams and take legal help or use other resources and therefore, making cash payment on appointment is essential. An escort can check with the online blacklisted client list to see if the client they are going to meet is blacklisted or not and if yes, is it okay to take the risk or not. For the clients, it is necessary to inform the escort or the escort agency as to the services you are looking for.

Protect yourself as a client

Clarifying your doubts and clearly mentioning your special request will help the agency provide you with the escort who can actually meet your requirements, rather than getting refused by the services you are looking to fulfill after the escort is on the door. Escorts also need to make sure that they do not disclose any of their personal information to their clients to avoid any unfortunate incidents in the future like stalking or personal requests.

Clients need to make sure that they respect the privacy, safety and dignity of the escort and their profession and take it seriously. The client should also refuse the payments if they see the escort on the door is not the one they booked or asked for. Instead of going ahead with the deal, you have all the rights to politely cancel the appointment on the basis of valid reason that you have. Keeping these few things in mind as well as keeping your eyes open during the session for the minutest of details will help you avoid escort related scams.

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