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How to stay safe as an Asian Escort

The population of Asian escorts in London or you can say in the whole of the western world has increased drastically in the last decade because of their capability to provide awesome exotic pleasure, men here have not experienced before. However, there are many concerns and issues which have come up in regards to their health, safety and hygiene and that is why, if you are an Asian escort or willing to become one, there are few things you should keep in mind to keep yourself safe and sound.

As an Asian escort, you should always be proud of what you are as that will help you stay away from people who might be racist and know if someone is inclined towards that. These people who have such attitude and are biased towards the race, tend to be naturally unpleasing and may even exploit your rights, not only as an Asian but even as an escort. Staying away from them is suggested and if you sniff these facts, you can cancel the appointment politely as you always have the right to do so.

Your health and safety comes before the satisfaction of the clients and thus, if somebody is trying to ask something from you that you cannot provide, or do something you are not willing to do, or tries to be overpowering, you can always leave if possible or call for help or let the agency know. Having a driver always helps in such cases, especially when you are visiting the home of your client.

Carrying a pepper spray or stun gun can help too in case you need it ever. Asking for your dues at the very start of your appointment is also very essential as it safeguards you from non-payment later. Checking with the online blacklist of client or from other resources, will help you know if the client you are going to visit is dangerous or blacklisted or not.

Ensure that your client is well informed about your limitations and what you can and cannot do prior the meetings so that no discussion on that matter happens when you meet your client, as it can get a bit uncomfortable and harms the chemistry between you two, lessening the pleasure he can get and reducing your enthusiasm to provide fulfilling pleasure.

Ask clients about STDs

As an Asian escort, many of the clients have the tendency to take you for granted and when you notice any hints of that nature, politely clarify your stand too. Ask the client if they have any STDs or other health conditions you should know about. Checking the surroundings of the home or hotel and if anybody is already there, is also highly necessary.

Keeping an SOS ready is also an important part of the job for Asian escorts as you never know which client can be violent. Checking the body of the client while making out will give you a good idea if there’s anything hidden from you and if you are offered a drink, never drink anything that is not sealed or is not prepared in front of you. If at all, things go worse any day, do not agree with client to commute with him to somewhere else as most of the case studies says, that you just might not ever return

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