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Information for Escort Customers

Its important in the Escort Industry to give both regular and potential new customers as much information as possible.  This can include practices in the Escort Industry and also useful hints and tips.  Please do have a read through this comprehensive guide.  These articles are for reference only and should not be taken as any Legal advice.

Why customers need to provide phone numbers to Escort Agencies

This is why; reputed escort agencies these days screen the client and check their background in a very discreet manner to ensure that their escorts are in safe hands.

What is Bait and Switch

Bait and switch is a general term used for a situation when a client chose and booked a different escort after going through the selection online at the site of the escort agency,

What gifts do Asian Escorts like?

Asian escorts are girls after all and if you really want to impress them upon meeting, it is a good idea to bring them a gift, as that is certainly going to put a good impression upon them.

Why Asian Escorts may refuse appointments

Asian escorts can refuse an appointment if they find that you are too drunk to be in your senses to know your limitations as it can tamper with their safety boundaries and may even intrude their health concerns.

How Asian Escort Agencies keep customers

There are many Asian escort agencies in London and many more are coming up every now and then. Many are just interested in taking your money and making a run for it.

In what areas of London can I find Asian Escorts

Enjoying time  with Asian escorts is definitely going to be relaxing and refreshing and with the kind of pleasure they will provide, you will not want to book anyone else ever again.

What is the difference between Brothels and Escort Agencies

If you have been wondering if there is any difference between a brother and escort agencies, then the answer is yes. There are a lot of differences between a brother and an escort agency.

Signs that an Escort may be trafficked

Some Escort Agencies are not Agencies at all .  They have all the look and feel of it on the website but in fact are run by gangs  getting girls into the UK to work against their will to pay of huge debts.

What to do if you think an Escort may be trafficked

When you book an escort, you might not be expecting the person whom you will be meeting to be trafficked and it is not essential that every escort has to be trafficked.

Why Vivastreet is a bad directory

Recent findings that are alledged on the internet. Read about the bad experiences some people have had and the general feedback regarding this website,


Read all about this well known Escort resource in the UK for customers and how they find it useful with the many thousands of reviews that it provides for them.


Read all about Adultwork website and the history. There are many pitfalls and details that are explored that Escort customers many find useful to find out more about.

Booking Escorts in London

Booking Escorts in London is a delicately nuanced practice that requires a certain level of discretion, cultural understanding, and respect for both parties involved. In this cosmopolitan city, there are various avenues available for the booking of escorts, ranging from traditional agencies to online platforms.

London Escorts and the rising cost of living

The cost of living in London has been increasing rapidly over the past few years, and it has become a major concern for residents. There are several factors contributing to this rise in costs.