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For many people, the term ‘Japan’ elicits many things, from futuristic robots, lightning fast speed cars, Ninjas and courteous kimono-clad beautiful Geisha and suit clad hardworking populace. The truth is that no matter what image you coin of Japan, it is definitely there and probably accurate.

One of the misconceptions you have to throw away however is the idea that Japan is one of the most expensive nations across the face of the globe. However, after visiting the country, you end up realizing traveling in it is even cheaper in a great deal than most of Western Europe, North America and others.  Japanese Escorts are always popular.

Timid travelers think the country is much impenetrable and very difficult, while the truth is that Japan is one of the countries you are able to travel with a lot of ease. As you start on the Journey to opening the Japanese terrain, you are reminded why in the first place traveling became a specialty.

For lovers of culture and traditional lifestyles, spending weeks in such cities as Nara and Kyoto will satisfy the underlying adventure crave, with shrines, tea ceremonies, temples and museums, as the rich heritage with a tinge of art gives a new definition to sightseeing. In case you are a person in tandem with technology and modern culture, Japanese cities will look like Tech Disneyland, as you peer into the future of the next tech big thing, from the fabulous restaurants to the trendy cafes with a unique setting. Just outside these cities natural wonders are in plenty, cultural treasures telling of the magnificence of the place.

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 Nevertheless, there can be no Japanese travel or moment devoid of its traditional and perfect cuisine. Whether it is Tokyo’s fresh and delicate sushi, Kyoto’s battered tempura or Osaka’s bowls of hearty ramen, any person in love with food will be at home in Japan.

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By Chloe SAE

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