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Seeing Asian Escorts as Mistresses

Many men see Asian Escorts as mistresses and there is a reason behind it as mistresses is a term given to those women with whom a man has sexual relationship on ongoing basis, other than spouse. Escorts are there to provide sensual fun and entertainment to man and all the man who want to experience ultimate sensual fun. Men, who want to realize their wild fantasies, avail escort services as the fun available with escorts is simply far ahead of what one gets from spouse, in most of the cases.

Men are polygamous in nature biologically and therefore, infidelity comes naturally to them but due to social and emotional development, many a times the urges are controlled while most of the times, it is hard to control and therefore, a vent for sexual outburst is very much required. Having a mistress is an age old phenomenon but to due to evolution of social structure of society today, this mystical tradition has been somewhat replaced by the escorts. Asian Escorts are beautiful women who love to pleasure men for money and there is no long term arrangement in books, it is all discreet and one time affair with one escort, until unless purposely prolonged by booking the same escort all the time.

Escorts in London are mistresses, but with no obligatory strings attached after the transaction is over and escorts are highly professional in nature which makes the whole affair of booking an escort and having fun with her, strictly limited to giving money and availing services and nothing beyond that. This is unlike what the mistresses are supposed to be as mistresses are supposed to be a part of a man’s life, even though non-existent on social books.

London Escorts are seen as mistresses by men these days because many men tend to choose one escort they prefer more over others and continue to book only her whenever the urge arises to let the sexual build-up flow. So, even though mistresses and escorts both strive to provide ultimate sensual pleasure to men, the nature of the relationship is very much different and should not be confused. With escorts, the relationship is very much professional in the under current while in cases of mistresses, tendency of some emotional strings being attached is highly possible.

Seeing an Asian London Escort Mistress

The similarity between the escorts and mistresses functionality causes many men to look upon escorts as mistresses as both work to provide sensual pleasure to men, leaving no strings attached and vow to keep the event as discreet as possible so that no social strings are disturbed.

Keeping a mistress or booking an escort both require finances and therefore, these similarities is what is confused and inter linked to think Asian Escorts and mistresses as one and the same which is absolutely not the case.

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