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Westminster Escorts

Westminster Escorts are often lucky enough to visit an are of London that is one of the most attractive places in the whole of Britain. No other place has as many attractions as this little place. It is filled with historic places including palaces, churches, towers and what not. If you are in London for only a few days, this is the place to visit. Let’s look at a few landmarks that you can visit when you come to Westminster.

The Westminster Cathedral on Victoria Street is one of the most unique architectures in the world. In fact it is the only structure in London that represents neo Byzantine architecture. Its campanile extends more than 250 feet into the sky. The interiors of the cathedral are less interesting than the external, but you must visit this place and enjoy its sheer splendor, as it is enjoyed only by a few other structures in the world.

Victoria Palace Theatre, again on Victoria Street is another place worth seeing near Westminster. This is one of the oldest existing theatres in the world and still holds audiences in rapture with its plays. The interiors look regal and have been somewhat modernized, but it still looks grand. Frequent plays held at this theatre are Grease and Billy Elliot.

St John’s Smith Square is an 18th century church designed by Thomas Archer, a legendary architect. It now serves as a popular venue for exhibitions, concerts. It also has a wonderful restaurant attached to it. The venue is well-known for its stunning acoustics, which is one of the reasons why many concerts find a home here. Coral and chamber music are the most commonly played ones here.

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If you are a heavy shopper just like our Westminster London Escorts then wherever you go, check out the Cardinal Palace on Victoria Street. This place is very modern, characterized by its huge, new age glass capsule. It has become quite famous and a must visit place in London. Of course, you have all kinds of shops set up here, from boutiques to food stores. It even has many restaurants, with a mind numbing variety of cuisines on offer.

There are many other places to visit in Westminster. Jewelry is best found at Erickson Beamon, who is a very well-known designer. It is just about 15 minutes from Westminster. Stylish jewelry, which is nonetheless laidback, is one of the standout features of this place. Beamon, the designer and the company as a whole are very famous have been lauded over the years and are one of the most reputed stores in London.

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