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What Happened when a London Escort came to my hotel?

Now, this was one time which I will always remember for the rest of my life. I spent beautiful time in the city of London and after this experience; I wished I could have the pleasure to experience it forever. My hotel was just near the London Bridge and it was a magnificent view from the inside of the room. Truly, this was an outstanding experience for me where I could count the moments I was living up to it. I was truly wishing that I have a wonderful company but I just didn’t have that enough courage to ask some lady out and I didn’t know the nature of the women here.

But few acquaintances of mine told me to book an escort for me and that is the way I went. So heeding to the advices I did the needful and got through the preliminary stages, and there I was in that evening expecting the outcome of it. I was nervous and when I saw here approaching I was stunned. Yes, a beauty that I have had hardly seen or even been with.

I was for a moment not to know what to start with but she introduced herself. Her voice was awesome. A sound as if silenced my heart with a cold wave.

It was clear that she was outsmarting me in every way and I was really enjoying it since I didn’t know what to make a topic of discussion. I was sure that she knew that what my position was so she spared me the embarrassment. She was everything that what I had seen in the movies and I was excited by the look of the people beside me.

London Escorts at my Hotel

It really felt good to be an alpha male at that time. With time flying by we came back to my room and I allowed her to enjoy the beauty of the London Bridge. I didn’t know what came inside me; I just held her hair softly and kissed on the back of her neck. In that silent night with a whistling wind singing across our ears, I was the king of the world.

She followed the reciprocation with a deeper French kiss and there it was the melting of the ice between us. She rode, jumped and did everything that I desired and longed for years as if.

Still today I get goose bumps thinking about that night and feel this hot Escort in London beside me.

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