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What is the difference between Tranvestite Escorts and Transexual Escorts?

Men who are looking for sensual fun and want to have it with no holds barred prefer transexual escorts and transvestite escorts over female escorts because for obvious reasons these escorts are more wild and raunchy than female escorts. While people who are looking for answers as to what is the difference between the transvestite escorts and transexual escorts, they must know that in actuality, both these kinds of escorts are actually men and whereas transvestite escorts men with no enhancements but are just dressed as women, transexual escorts have gone an extra mile to get the enhancements done like breasts implant, nose job and other cosmetic procedures to look more like women but while still carrying the manhood.

Transvestite escorts and transexual escorts are very popular among both men and women, especially men, who do not mind going a bit experimental and enjoying sensual pleasure without any inhibitions. Transvestite escorts and transexual escorts are very good looking and they seek to achieve perfection when it comes to satisfying their clients by just any means, and even though if it means going overboard while providing sexual pleasure, it is not a big deal for them.

There is a slight difference between the appearance of the transvestite escorts and transsexual escorts as while transvestite escorts might be dressed like women, it can easily be figured out that they are men, while transsexual escorts have such feminine appearance and body, that it is very difficult to comprehend that beneath that beauty, a man resides.

Transexual escorts and transvestite escorts are known to provide sexual companionship which is very satisfying and the fact that they are male themselves, allows a better connect between them and the male clients, as only a man can understand the desires and fantasies of a man fantastically without any loopholes.

Transexual Escorts are more feminine than Transvestites

Both the transvestite escorts and the transexual escorts have a very wild approach and are warm and friendly at the same time and thus, if you are hiring them for the first time, they will ensure that you are comfortable in their company first before you get on with the act.

If you have any desires and fantasies hidden inside you for long and want to get them fulfilled, transvestite escorts and transexual escorts will leave no stone unturned in satisfying them and will do so with perfection which women escorts will never be able to justify. If you are looking to enjoy the assets and characters of a woman while enjoying the sexual object of a man as well then going for the transexual escort is preferred but if you are just happy with the superficial representations of woman in transvestite escorts and just want to enjoy sexually with men, then go for the transvestite escorts.

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