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What to do if you think an Escort is trafficked

The world of escort is no doubt, glittery and glossy from outside, but it has its own set of problems and escorts’ trafficking is one of the biggest issues which have embedded in the escort industry for long. This is done by the traffickers to meet the rising demand for the new faces in the industry and as the competition in the market grows radically. No matter how immoral it may seem, human trafficking is a multibillion dollar industry and each year, hundreds and thousands of women and girls are trafficked to different nations to work as labors and for other purposes and one of the major fields in which these women are sent to work in is escort industry.

When you book an escort, you might not be expecting the person whom you will be meeting to be trafficked and it is not essential that every escort has to be trafficked. There are many local women as well as immigrants who have chosen the profession of being an escort on their own for various reasons, including a good lifestyle and money. However, knowing how to identify trafficked escorts and what to do if you come across a trafficked escort is information that might come in handy if at all you ever face such situation. If you are going on an in-call appointment and feel mysterious about that place, find the girl fatigued and exhausted, unwilling and unprofessional, pretentious and too young or feel she is forced to work as an escort, the escort might be trafficked.

Also, if you find that there is a guard on duty and the place is under surveillance or if you come to know from her that her immigration or identification documents are in possession with the employer, she is trafficked.

Now, the question is that once you have come to know that the escort you just met is trafficked, what should you do? The first thing that you need to do is to not react. Stay calm, avoid taking her services and spend good time without actually getting intimate.   Many Escorts will not tell you if they are trafficked so it is often up to the client to make a judgment . If the escort is willing to discuss on the topic, try to take out as much information as possible and focus on getting valued information which can be useful to the authorities to grab the main culprits, rather than knowing how she came into the business and her journey into escort world, try to get facts, figures, names, addresses, numbers and information of similar nature.

This is necessary because you do not have forever with her and all this while you are discussing with her, stay cool calm and composed and most importantly, don’t panic or get nervous and neither let the escort be in that state as you just be under surveillance and any suspicion might have consequences.

Once you have gathered the information from her, if possible ask her to go on with her day routine as normally as possible, while you move to authorities to report trafficking. You might want to come to an agreement with the police and the relevant authorities to keep you anonymous as well as to take action a day or two later or at any such unpredictable time, when you do not come under the radar of the escort employer.

Give your information in confidence

You might also want to reveal all the information you have over the phone at help lines available to prevent and stop human trafficking. Such helpline numbers are easily available and most of the countries, states and cities have it. These help lines are confidential and will keep from revealing your phone number or any other personal details with anyone and also, it is not necessary to share your details.

There are also independent organizations on human trafficking prevention and they will also assist you in getting the victim to safety and taking control of the situation, while you go about your life as usual. The reasons why there are so many trafficked escorts are still out there is because clients also show no concern or ignore the symptoms of trafficking which are present right under their nose.

If the clients are willing to take action, it would help the authorities to bring the culprits to justice speedily.

This article by no means is trying to defame legitimate escort agencies and services. It is an attempt to put forward a few facts on how a few corrupt escort agents or agencies are dealing with human trafficking and forcing women to become escorts without their will and hence, giving a bad name to the escort industry.


Here are some companies that you may find useful in the UK

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

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