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Why Customers need to provide Phone numbers to Escort Agencies

The Escort industry is by default not considered to be the safest of the industries, even after it has advanced into becoming one of the largest industries of the world. This is simply because the lack of system as well as the existence of many workers who are hell bent on taking the advantage of the loopholes of this system. Escorts in particular have been victimized innumerable times because many clients turn out to be frauds, rude, violent or even scamsters.

This is why; reputed escort agencies these days screen the client and check their background in a very discreet manner to ensure that their escorts are in safe hands. It helps in preventing any untoward incidents, which were pretty common in the past. Many clients used to take the services and never pay and many others went away with treating escorts in the most inhuman way possible. To stop such events from happening again and guaranteeing the new escorts joining the industry, a safe and sound working environment, escort agencies these days ask for basic personal details of the client including their phone number, as a sheer formality and to maintain a record of clients.

Having personal details of the client ensures that the client knows, he would be easily traceable if they try to force the escort in any way or if any mishap of any nature occurs and thus, keeps them in their limit. Having the clients screened before the booking is confirmed, also provides peace of mind to the escorts, who in the literal sense are going ahead to fulfill the sensual needs of a complete stranger. It helps them know that they would be treated with courtesy and they would be safe.

If you are a client looking forward to book an escort and you are asked to give your phone number, you should not be hesitant in giving it as these escort agencies are thoroughly professional and will keep the whole affair as discreet as you would want. You can rest assured that these escort agencies will keep your phone number as well as other details very safely and discreetly and your privacy won't be at stake.

The rules here at Sexy Asian Escorts

Giving phone number to the escort agency without a fuss helps you build a reputation too with the escort agency and clears any air of suspicion immediately. You can rest assured that once the appointment is over, your ties with the escort agency is also over and they would never try to contact you, until unless you want and you contact them again for their services.

Please note that here at Sexy Asian Escorts we will not sell or give your details to anyone else.  For Escorts safety and wellbeing please note the following rules for all new customers.

1. We will not take incall bookings from phoneboxes or private numbers.
2. We will not take Hotel Bookings without checking you are in your room
3. We will not take a booking by text
4. We will not take bookings by chat system

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