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10 Reasons to Stay with Sexy Asian

12:25 pm, Monday 31st March 2014

10 Reasons to stay with your existing reliable London Escort Agency (thats us)

If you enjoy the company of beautiful and hot escorts in London frequently and have been transacting with the same London escort agency for long, you might feel like trying other escort agencies out there in London once in a while. There are so many escort agencies coming up in London that humanly it only seems natural to try new girls at different London escort agencies and the whole outlook of the new agencies might look much better than that of the agency you currently deal with. However, for many reasons it might not be a good idea and dealing with the same London agency, you have been using for years and trust completely is a better deal.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should stay with your existing reliable escort agency –

Trust – You know the people in your agency well, have bonded with them over the period of time, they know and understand your requirement and most of all, you trust them.

Booking an escort is no cheap deal and a considerable chunk of money is involved. Other agencies might promise a lot, but in the end provide you with something that is absolutely not worth it, washing your time and money.

Scams – There are so many London escort agencies, which are completely fake and a part of a scam or a racket. You need to know that all that glitters is not always gold and that you might lose the money and your safety and privacy might be compromised.

Discretion – For sure you want your meeting with an escort to be a discreet affair. But, are you sure the new escort agency won’t misuse the information you have provided or will it be safe with them? Ever imagined what is at stake?

Experience – You have been using the same agency for years because you love what you experience here. You just can’t be sure of the experience you get elsewhere with so many amateurs and unprofessional people joining the industry.

Fees – Using the same agency for a long time might entitle you to some discounts or extra hours as you establish yourself as a regular business giver. Other new escort agencies that are surfacing these days are expensive and you simply can’t expect discounts there, plus you don’t know if you will get your money’s worth.

Ladies – If you have a specific taste when it comes to women and the agency you deal has been able to identify and satisfy that, you should have no reasons to go elsewhere. However, if you want variety, the existing agency can always provide you with it, without you having to venture elsewhere.

Pictures – There are so many escorts’ agencies out there using morphed or edited photos of their girls online, alluring you towards them. However, many of these girls might look completely different in real life and it can prove to be a big turn off as you agreed to pay a premium for what you saw, but what you might can be completely different.

Security – There have been incidents when the girls have robbed the customer with the help of others and in a few cases, have even blackmailed the customers. Though, these events are rare, but there can be different security issues apart from just being robbed off or blackmailing, the details of which you certainly do not want to start imagining. With your existing London escort agency, you can be sure you are safe and secure, like always.

Priority – At times when you haven’t booked earlier, booking at the last minute, looking for the girl who shows unavailable online or have just any other special requests, you can ask for special favors from your existing London agency and in most cases, they will handle your request on a priority.

So, if you have been thinking about switching your London escort agency, consider the points above and think again!!