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10 Ways to avoid Escort Scams

1:31 pm, Monday 24th March 2014

Many people who hire escorts to have some fun may end up in trouble. A lot of times, people are

scammed by different escort agencies and are asked to pay more than what they wanted. Many

people have robbed and threatened by escorts but avoid reporting it to the police.

Here are the top 10 ways to avoid escort scam when hiring escorts the next time –

1. When hiring an escort, never disclose your important details such as bank account number,

passowrds, etc.

2. Make sure that you specify the type of services that you looking for when hiring an escort to

avoid paying more later on.

3. One should never pay any advance to an escort agency before they see the escort. Reputed

escort agencies will never ask for advance payments for their services.

4. Beware of cheap prices these are to get you in and add hidden extra charges to get more money out of you.

5. Before you hire an escort from any escort agency, make sure that you do a background

check on the agency. If you see any negative opinion about it, avoid hiring them completely.

6. Never use your work email for hiring an escort. use a personal

when contacting an escort agency to hire an escort.

7. Check that the photos on the websites are genuine. Also check what the agencies cancellation policy is.

8. Never drink too much alcohol or take that you cannot handle. Be in your senses when

meeting up with an escort to enjoy yourself and to avoid being duped by the escort.

9. If an escort you hired asks you to meet up in an isolated place, avoid it. You never know

when they might be planning to scam or rob you.

10. There are times when escort agencies put in fake escort profiles to attract clients but in

reality they send different escort to the clients and you will not get the value for your

money. This is called bait and switch.

Many people often don’t report escort scams in fear of being laughed at. Therefore, it is important

to be prepared and be informed to avoid being scammed. To avoid all this in the first place use a well established reputable agency like us x