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Chloe I am Curious Issue 1 April 2014

4:45 pm, Friday 4th April 2014

Chloe I am Curious Issue 1 April 2014

Hello everyone

Here is the first issue of Chloe I am Curious.  Thanks for all your questions :)

1.    Chloe I have spoken to you a few times I would love to put a face to the name from Brian.

    Hi Brian I am sure that some things are best left to the imagination but I will tell you a bit  about me.   I am a vegetarian and my favourite wine is Monsoon Rose which is Thai funnily  enough.  Im also an absolute Vodka and diet coke kinda of girl.  Im married to my job :)

2.    Chloe I have used another Agency and the girl I saw was not the one on the photo what happened to me  From Kevin.

    Hi Kevin this is a terrible practice used by the vast majority of Thai Agencies.  Its called bait and switch you can read more about it on an article we wrote here.  We never do this which is why we have so many repeat customers who continue to use us.  Sorry to hear this happened to you.

3.    I want to see a ladyboy I am confused does this make me gay? Anon

In my opinion totally not.  Again we have wrote a long article here.  After meeting all the ladyboys I have to say that I myself see them as women.  You will even see me refer to them as her or she on the website and on the phone.  We even make jokes about men.  Ladyboys are not for everyone but a lot of guys want to try something new and we have a great selection that are very good with first timers.

4.    I am a black guy I heard that Asian Escorts will not see me is this true?  Jacob

Hi Jacob.  I am sorry to say that a few idiots have spoilt it for everyone.  Some of the Escorts will not see black clients full stop where as others are happy to.  Its not something I feel is very nice to plaster over the website and we have some very nice black clients.  Please give me a call and we can have a proper chat and recommend a nice Escort for you :)

5.    Can I take the Escort I am seeing a present?  Daniel

This is by no means expected but its always a great idea.  The girls are very easy to buy for think of chocolates and flowers or even nice candles.  It does not have to be expensive its the thought that counts always.

I hope you have enjoyed this first edition.  We will be covering more next month so get your questions in.

Lets talk soon

Chloe xx