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Escort Agency Manifesto - Escort Promises

7:30 pm, Saturday 3rd June 2017

Hello everyone

Sometimes when I get a moment I have a chance to reflect just how long the website has been here and how the values that all of us should still hold dear we still adhere to today.  So I thought with all the political parties releasing their Manifestos we should have one of our own today.  Obviously ours will be a lot shorter.


No 24 hour working

We pledge that no Escort on our website no matter even if they offer will never be on 24 hour call.  This is modern slavery as far as we are concerned and Escorts are human beings treated with respect


Be there when we are needed for Escorts

Be there as a sounding board when London Escorts need advise or are having any problems professional or person.  It is this approach that we have always had that allows all the companions we list to feel that they can talk to us and we are on their side.


Customer Screening

Check as far as we can how customers are on the phone.  Not take bookings from private numbers,agressive customers,Outcalls where we think the address is fake. 


Real Photos

In over 8 years we have never had one fake photo on our website.  We verify all the Escorts photos before added them to the website.


Good Directions

Walking to the Escorts apartments gives us the ability to direct customers better when they are lost and also wnables us to see that Escorts are living in acceptable conditions


Independent Apartments

We never have and never will own or rent properties.  This is completly illegal.  All Asian Escorts work from their own apartments and all rents etc are dealt with be them.


No Control

Escorts are never controlled or told what to do by our website.  The Escorts listed tell us when they want to work and what appointments they wish to take.  They are also responsible for their own taxis to outcalls.  We do not and never have employed drivers.

I think these are a great start and if you think of any you would like to add then let me know.  Vote for Sexy Asian Escorts you know we have been with you for over 8 years thats two full terms in government.

Lets talk soon


Chloe xx