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How to spot Fake Escort Photos

9:32 am, Monday 17th August 2015

Hi Everyone

One of the most common questions we get asked here at SAE is are the Escorts photos genuine?

Of course the answer is yes and we meet the London Escorts and verify this and we are also aware of the professional photographers in London that take the pictures.

Unfortunatly not all websites are honest and we have had many calls from customers who have spent £150 £200 and in some cases £250 on these fake websites.  Many of these sites are advertising Chinese Korean or Japanese girls so the good news for you is that they are easy to spot.  The girl on the photo may look vaguely like this in real life or not at all.  The other concern as a client is that you do not know if these girls are Independent or if there is something more sinister going on.

Of course the sites will tell you that the photos are genuine so I would like to share a great free piece of software that you can use to check this.

Its called Tineye and you can get it at  Just add the url of the images you are looking at and it will tell you its origin.  Most you will see are ripped off from modelling sites in the Oriental countries.

I appreciate that to a lot of people they save hard and using an Escort service may have taken them a month to save up for so its important that you do not get ripped off or end up in any trouble.

I really hope this will be of help to you all in the coming Summer months.

Lets talk soon


Chloe xx