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How will Brexit effect London Escort Agencies

12:23 pm, Monday 24th April 2017

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We have to admit that politics does make the world go round and we cannot ignore the fact that the changing landscape is going to have an effect on all London Escort Agencies.

European Escort Agencies

The major effect will hit the European Escorts in London.  Although this could be a good thing as this is a saturated market with well over 400 Escort Agencies in London there simply is too much quantity enough quality.  European girls can be lazy without having to get a visa to come to the UK coming in and out is easy.  Many Agencies would argue that if it took more work to get here then the girls who wanted to be good Escorts would come weeding out the ones who are providing a bad service.

Other Agencies are more worried fearing that the restrictions that come in after Brexit will result in a shortage of Escorts and that many agencies will be forced to close.  That being said London could easily afford to lose at least 50% of the current webites running and still have more than enough choice for clients.  From my experience whenever there is a clearing out in London whether it be for Brexit or other reasons the good Businesses are the ones who benefit and rise to the top. 

Asian Escort Agencies

For us there is little change.  The process remains very much the same.  Post Brexit demand for Asian Escorts may actually increase if there is less choice of Europeans.  It will be one of the many good effects from the Brexit process.  As the ecomony starts to grow there will be many business people coming over to discuss deals.  We think there will be an increase from the USA, China and Japan all of which are clients of Asian Escort Agencies. 

In fact we saw this happen the first couple of weeks after the Brexit results.  We think this will also hapen again when we get a clear leaving date and maybe a few months before this.  2017 will be a time for the economy to level out there are a lot of elections and channges going on in the next year so things will start to settle at the end of 2017 and the Brexit process will be truely underway.

How are clients effected?

As far as we see it there will be no changes to Escort prices in the meantime.  We still intend to give you a great choice of Escorts and we have the ability to list Escorts of all nationalities so we will continue to broaden our horizons and focus on quality not quanitity.  When the economy is better more Escorts will come to London so I think by the end of 2017 we will start to see an increase in new girls.

Until then my advise is if you are reading this you are probably alreadiy a client or seroiusly considering being one.  There are seldom few websites out there then us that take into account the whole effect of what is going on in the world and how it effects our industry and Brexit cannot be ignored.