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Our New Section Chloe I am Curious

12:20 pm, Thursday 27th March 2014

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all doing good.  I can feel Summer coming around the corner.  Soon there will be no more fake tan and I can get some sun for real.

Over the past months and years I have enjoyed many long chats with you all and this has raised many questions about the Industry and I know that sharing this information with you all may help others who are a bit more shy in coming forward.

The first Chloe I am curious will be featured on our Blog at the beginning of April so If you have any questions that you want to add please give me a call and I will add them.  I am really excited about this new section of the site and I know many of you love to read all the blog news and reviews and I am sure you will love this new section too.

Lets talk soon


Chloe xx