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SAE Statement - Updates about London Asians

1:30 pm, Monday 23rd May 2016

SAE Statement of Authenticity

Hello Everyone

I have been asked by a few forums to post this statement.  I will give you a background on this as to some of you especially our regular customers as this probably will not make much sense.

Over the past few months many of the Asian Agencies have not only continued to upset customers but also mistreated Escorts who were listed with them.  The Asian Escort community is a small one so as you can imagine word of this spread around to a lot of the girls.

What was also spread is the fact that SAE has always been a good and honest Agency to be listed with and that we had the upmost respect for all the girls working with us and made sure that we vetted customers much more carefully and took care to safeguard both the Escort and the client.

As you can imagine girls no longer wanted to be mistreated and some tried to leave these bad sites (and failed to be able to do so) and others who came to London on tour decided to not even be listed with these bad sites and contacted SAE to be listed to supplement their bookings and also carried on doing their Independent bookings.

The bad sites got upset.  They lost business.  When bullies get angry it gets ugly.  So they cozied up with a few of their regular clients and decided to spread some untrue rumours about the girls who refused to be listed with them.

So here is the REAL deal.

We have three main sections on the website

Asian Escorts
These are all FEMALE Asian Escorts these are girls they are mainly Thai with a few others sometimes listed i.e. Malaysian Pilipino Vietnamese

European Escorts
These are all Female girl European Escorts

Transexual Escorts
These are all Transexual or Ladyboy Escorts.  At the moment we have only Pre Op Transexuals (those who still have male parts below)

We also do list in this section Post Op Transexual Escorts.  These are marked clearly on the TS section of the site and we will reconfirm this is what you require when you call.  We only get maybe one or two Post Op Escorts a year as most Pre Op TS retire from Escorting after the operation to resume a normal life.

We never use fake photos on SAE and we always meet Escorts to verify that they are genuine in everyway   The girls have been quite upset by all of this but they do understand why it is happening and it had made them even more determined to be great at what they do.

But by all means do not just take my word for it.  You can also read genuine and real reviews from our customers.

Sorry that I have had to take up your time with this long posting.  I am however pleased to say thank you to the idiots who started these stupid rumours as we have had many more new and returning visitors and everything is really good right now.

Good always triumphs over Evil

Lets talk soon

Chloe xxx