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Seeing Escorts is better than a divorce

11:18 am, Thursday 10th April 2014

10 Reasons why seeing Escorts is better than a divorce


There are so many people from all the age brackets above the legal adult age that it certainly cannot be discounted that seeing an escorts does have benefits. It is fun for many, while for many others, it is about relaxing and unwinding. Similarly, while for many it is about venting out their sexual frustration, for many others is about enjoying their long standing fetishes and fantasies. Different people have different reasons and in many ways, as unconventional as it may seem or sound, it has helped many relationships as well, from a safe distance, if you know what it means. In this article, however, we will specifically discuss on why seeing an escort is better than a divorce.
Here are the top ten reasons why.

Most of the men are not satisfied with their wife or are bored of their wives after several years into their marriage. Since, sex is an important component in any marriage, sexual dissatisfaction can lead to a divorce, even when the love quotient is still present somewhere subconsciously, but suppressed. However, if you are seeing an escort, your love with spouse can continue without flaws, because your need for sexual pleasure is satisfied by the escort.

Divorce can be a life changing event in many ways, but consider the economic aspect. It can destroy a man’s lifetime of financial planning. But, seeing an escort is comparatively much cheaper, easier and fun.

Divorce can devastate you emotionally, whereas seeing an escort is refreshing, relaxing, fun and boosts enthusiasm for life.

Divorce can be socially demeaning, but seeing a London Escort is a private affair. No one gets to know till you want.

Divorce leads to loneliness and heartache afterwards, whereas seeing an escort does exactly the opposite.

Divorce is a long and complex legal procedure that involves a lot of emotional and social up and downs, whereas seeing an escort is a simple, discreet, short, sweet and satisfying affair, while being highly effective.

Divorce is not fun at all, but seeing an escort is and is much cheaper as well.

Divorce leads to heartaches, broken relationships, tears and moral breakdown of so many people involved. However, seeing an escort doesn’t affect anyone’s life in a negative manner, but it certainly infuses lots of positive energy in you.

Divorce can hamper the destroy the childhood of your kids, if any. But, seeing an escort keeps you sexually satisfied, so that you and your wife can share the loving relationship you always had, even if sex is not that good, as your sexual appetite is refilled elsewhere any ways.

Divorce affects your social life so bad that you won’t be able to understand it till it happens. But, seeing an escort to enjoy your sexual fantasies and appetite ensures that you have no reasons to be unhappy with your wife, keeping you away from divorce and you both continue to enjoy the social life with friends and family like always. In fact, you start loving your wife more when you start seeing an escort, because when you look at her keeping sex aside, you understand that she’s the one for you. It strengthens the bond and increases the love.

So, while it cannot be denied that seeing an escort is definitely a form of cheating for many, you have to look beyond the conventional borders of horizon and broaden the way you put things in perspective, by considering the many benefits of seeing an escort that comprehensively overshadows the life-altering disadvantages of a divorce.