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Thailand Walking Street Madness

2:36 pm, Wednesday 19th April 2017

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HUMILIATING footage captured the moment a semi-naked Brit tourist was tied up by locals
after causing chaos on a drunken rampage.

Many Asian Thai Escorts work in the are of walking street and it is well visited by many British tourists both young and old.

The man in question who has not been named – was spotted running across homes in Pattaya, Thailand, with blood pouring from cuts on his face and arms.

Tiles from buildings nearby crashed to the floor as the man shouted incoherently, wearing nothing but a vest top and a pair of pants.

The residents in the town eventually managed to catch him and used a rope to tie his legs and hands together.

Police arrived on the scene and poured water over the mans  head in a bid to try to calm him down and after he was calmer he was then arrested. Photots of him are seen being carried into a police truck still tied up as he desperately tried to wriggle free.

The footage was filmed by a local Thai news reporter after the shocking event yesterday (April 18) at 11.30pm local time, 5.30pm in the UK.

Onlooker Nat Charaporn said: “Why are the foreigners so crazy? We see them a lot, doing the strangest things. He should see some of the things that Asian Escort clients get up to in the uk!

“I want to know, are they like this in their own country?  Yes pretty much have you been out on a saturday night?

“Nobody knows who this man was or what he was doing here. He was ranting
and not in the correct state of mind.”

Police chief Apichai Grobpet said cops believe the man may have gotten lost after partying at the popular Walking Street party strip a 15-minute taxi ride away.

“We haven't identified the man yet. He had no passport or details on him and he was not giving us any details about himself.

“He was causing a disturbance but the villagers in the local community came together to catch him and keep him under control.”

Pattaya is quickly becoming known as the sex capital of the world.