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Why more guys are choosing Transexual Escorts

12:43 pm, Tuesday 16th November 2010

Many guys these days are choosing transsexual escorts over female escorts because of many reasons and there are just so many reasons behind this fact and one of the most primary reasons is the comfort level a man shares with another man. Transsexual escorts are of two types’ pre-ops and post-ops where here stands for gender reassignment surgery or operation and pre-ops are transsexuals who are biologically male and post-ops transsexuals have undergone operation to acquire female genitalia.

Many guys choose transsexual escorts because they are after all man mentally and share the same opinion and are very good to talk to, are very sophisticated and aristocratic and most of the time, these transsexuals are very attractive and beautiful. They look great and carry themselves in a very flamboyant yet classy manner and make sure that you spend a good time with them.

It is just like going out with a male friend, only difference is that here you would be having a sexual attraction here towards a transsexuals. Like a male understands a male better, transsexuals know why you are with them, they understand your needs and do whatever is possible in their limits to make sure you time with her is fantastic and you enjoy every bit of it.

Transsexual escorts in London provide a very different and memorable experience which will surely make you come back for more each time, as it is exciting and surprising each time you meet a new transsexual and they are all fun. They are great to spend time with, they are good to talk to for hours together and as far as intimacy is concerned, they wear your shoes somehow and understand a guy’s need better than any girl will ever.