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If you are looking for Busty Oriental Escorts or Busty  Escorts in London then you know just how rare these girls are.  We always have a select number of  thsese curvy creatures that  available for incalls and outcalls in London.

These tend to be those girls that are a size D cup or above.  In life these types of women are always popuar and we often get requests for them to wear low cut dresses or tight tops to show off their best features.

You can have two types of these sorts of women.  In the Oriental culture is it more commeon for female to be petite so you wil find that some girls when they start to work as Escorts use the money they earn to have themselves enhanced or more commonly known as a boob job.  This is usually clear in the photo and while some men like this others do not so when you call us you are more than welcome to dicuss this with us

Busty Oriental Escorts in London

We also here at SAE have a  great collection of Naturally Busty Oriental  London Escorts who are blessed with larger breasts and have no need to have them enlarged.  These girls tend to be curvier and less petite so that the ret of tghe body and figures are in proportion.

If you look on each of the girls profiles you can see all the information regarding the bust size.  Do not get too hung up on this though.  There is so much more to our companions than breasts!

We hope you will book one of these stunning  London Escort girls with us soon.