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Are Transexual Escorts born to be women

To start with lets answer the myth that are transexuals really born to be a woman or not and the answer is definitely a yes. Transexuals are women having a penis and that is basically the only thing that sets them apart from the straight female community. Every characteristics of transsexuals is like a woman, starting from their voice to their seductive moves to their body and even their dressing.

Transexual escorts never prefer to insert but in fact, love to be treated like a woman and therefore, love to receive than to project, if you know what it means. The sexual preference of transexual escorts is very commonly misunderstood by the clients visiting them and thereafter, asking to insert in them as that sends out the signal to the TS escorts, that the client is only inserted in the penis, which actually transexual escorts would want to be removed and converted to vagina. Transexual escorts are women and they stay like a woman, talk like a woman and pleasure men like a woman.

Transexual escorts are very beautiful to look at and the fact, that they have a penis, which even if is not actually very much flaunted by the transexual escorts, is their main weapon which attracts clients to them. This is because, many clients who fall in love with their beauty, body and style would love to enjoy feminity with masculinity together and thus, it is a combination, which very few can provide. This combination is one of the most talked about and sought after fascination of men these days but the answer to the fact still remains that yes, transexual escorts are basically born to be women, but with penis. That is what makes all the difference in their sexual orientation.

Transexual Escorts give you pleasure

The kind of pleasure transexual escorts can provide, no women can match with, because they have the power of men, while being women in every which way men loves. They have breasts and they have round firm and juicy ass, which they will not mind if you explore, if you know what it means.

When it comes to oral pleasure, transexual escorts are master in the field and if you haven’t experienced that yet, you are missing out on a lot as that would be something you can only dream of experiencing with a straight woman. Transexual escorts are women and keep it that way if you want to really enjoy with them.

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