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Does seeing Transexual Escorts make me Gay?

If you have been a straight male all your life and suddenly due to so much hype about transgender and transexual escorts, you feel like trying them now or you have already seen a couple of transsexual escorts, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a gay. Sexual orientation is not about right or wrong, it is about what you prefer and what you enjoy more. Being gay or straight is not the question, which has a very definitive answer because of the rising amount of choices people of today can avail, from female escorts, male escorts, bi-sexual escorts, transvestite escorts, transgender escorts and transvestite escorts.

Today, it is more about experimenting with your own choices and let your heart decide what satisfies you the most. However, what you choose in your personal and social life in actual is what can actually be tick marked in books too. So, if you have a wife, a girlfriend or if you are single looking forward to getting married or indulging in a relationship with a girl as a long term choice, you are simply not gay if you choose TS escorts. TS escorts is actually all about fun and pleasure.

First of all, let us first know that there is nothing wrong with being gay but if you think that you have been into females for long and enjoy it even today, and suddenly have started to feel this inclination towards transexual, it by no means that you are gay, it just means that you have the guts to go along with your instincts. The fact of the matter is that the mood for experimenting with transsexual escorts is prevalent in many males out there but because it has been tabooed by the world for so long and it is still undermining in the social environment and community, many people either keep it secret if they have tried or do not go along with their instincts and suppress them.

Knowing that you are just going with the flow and not actually turning into a gay is very necessary as most clients who actually books TS escorts are straight men, looking for a bit more fun than usual to spice up their life.

It has almost been proved by the reviews and the testimonials of so many clients all over the world that transexual escorts provide much more refined and intense sensual pleasure, which females escorts cannot. This is what has made many men, who are bored of the same monotonous sex, change or divert their preferences, not for always but frequently. There is nothing wrong with availing the option which provides more fun and value for money and if it is the sensual pleasure you asked for, it is the ultimate experience you will get with transsexual escorts. They do not have so many limitations imposed while engaged in intimate pleasure and they do not mind being flexible with the rules if you come across as decent and genuine, so this has been noticed by many men who have propagated the same as well, to ensure that others can enjoy the same experience.

TS Escorts do not make you Gay

If you have experienced females and then you have experienced what transexual escorts has to offer, upon comparison you will find that transexual escorts are much more fun, much more wild and much more seductive and sensuous.

They have breasts, which man cannot do without and have the tool too down there, so the combination becomes lethal enough to give your sensual preferences a good shake for sure. It does not make you a gay at all as you are attracted to the transexual escorts for their amazing good looking feminine appearance and the known fact that they will be a ‘she’ throughout the session, while just providing much more pleasure.

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