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How do you know if you are Transgender

Transgenders are someone who want to be like the opposite sex, but has no desire to for a reassignment surgery physically. It is reported in a report that most of the people have a little to extreme percentage of transgenderism in them and depending upon how much masculinity or feminity you possess mentally, decides your sexual orientation mentally. Many men have male genitals but are feminine by nature and vice versa. They are comfortable with their identity as a male in the society, but are more attracted towards being of the opposite sex, if you can read their mind. You can know this easily if you feel like becoming of the opposite sex, talking like the opposite sex, walking like opposite sex and ever behaving like the opposite sex.

More or less, if your mind and heart operate like the opposite sex, while biologically if you belong to the sex you actually are, you are a transgender. There are times in life, during childhood or during adulthood, when our natural preferences have been something which are a natural preference of the opposite sex as well. It might have seemed unnatural or even ridiculous to others but to you it made the perfect sense. If this is the case with you, then you might fall to a certain degree in the transgender category. However, it does not mean that just because you link pink color, you are a transgender, there have to be repeated instances of such incidents where your preferences, choices and likings are very feminine in nature.

Transgenders are primarily driven by sexual interest and therefore, if you feel like cross dressing or if you are inclined towards what women enjoy while having sex or something of that sort, it is a good indicator too. Did you in your early years, felt like you are 'on trial' when you were with your father, grandfather or male relatives and other men and more comfortable with females around you? Did your harbored the fantasy to be a woman all your life?

Signs of being Transgendered

Do you feel like wearing jewelry of your mom or wife or something similar? Do you think that your hidden female instincts will show off in public and constantly in fear of the revelation? Do you think that a particular characteristic or a trait of yours is too feminine to be termed as normal?

Well, the answers to these and other similar questions which can indicate that you are more inclined towards the opposite sex can give you a clear idea of whether you a transgender or not. There is nothing wrong with being one and it would be helpful to know that there are many others who are in the same situation that you might be in. So, join hands with them, share your feelings online in transgender based forums, be yourself and be proud of what you are.

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