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Signs that an Escort may be Trafficked

Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes one can commit but unfortunately, it is still very much prevalent in our modern society and a tiny part of the population is still encouraging it to make money out of it. In the world of escorts, trafficking used to be a common practice until a few years ago. However, with the modern laws and strict regulation and patrol, human trafficking in the escort world has decreased enormously in the past few years but this practice is still far from over.

If you are a client, you would only want to go around with an escort, who is willing to provide you company and pleasure. It is not the case though with the most trafficked escorts and that is why, if you are booking an escort, you need to keep your eyes open and senses alert to understand whether the escort you have hired is trafficked or not.

Understanding the signs of trafficked escorts can save you from not only feeling guilty but also from many other hassles. Escorts, who are trafficked usually live, eat and sleep in one place only, are under heavy surveillance and most of all, you won’t be able to help but notice their utterly fearful disposition. In most of the cases, these trafficked escorts have their identification, immigration, passport and other important documents confiscated by their employers.   

Some Escort Agencies are not Agencies at all .  They have all the look and feel of it on the website but in fact are run by gangs  getting girls into the UK to work against their will to pay off huge debts.

Signs to look out for are.

Exclusive Escorts – Beware of websites that have non UK Escorts exclusive to them and not available anyone else,   They may also be open 24 hours.  It is highly likely  these Exclusive  Escorts may be controlled by a gang and work 24 hours so that they can make as much money for the gang as possible.  These Escorts are often exhausted and  not in good health.  They may become drug dependent to stay awake all night under pressure from the gangs. Everything is controlled from photos  to sometimes video all arranged by the gang behind the site.  They will also have non excluisve Escorts to make the site more real but will try and push you towards the Exclusive girls when you call them.

24 Hours – Most genuine Agencies  have a few hours when they are off this allows both the girls and the booking team to get rest no human being can stay up for 24 hours a day with no sleep.  The sites that are not genuine may push the fact that they open 24 hours encouraging customers to call all hours to make the Escorts work as long and hard as possible.

Fake Photos -  Fake photos are a great way for gangs to hide underage or trafficked girls.  Seeing fake photos  on websites is also one of the ways to find out that the escort you have hired is trafficked. This is very common on Asian sites with what look like Chinese and Korean girls.  These girls generally are not professionals and neither willing and thus, might not have professional photographs. This is why, instead of their photos, fake photos are put up and when you book, you are sent a trafficked escort as these escorts are basically forced to work to earn money for their employers and might even work for very cheap. These escorts might be in debt they owe to employer or are dependent on their employer for survival as they might not have anywhere else to go. If you notice anything unusual or see signs which can be related to above mentioned points, you can report to authorities and help the subject get out of such traumatic situation.

Trafficked escorts are probably forced to work or may be left with no other choice to work. They might not be willing or may have succumbed to the pressure. So, one of the first and the foremost sign to know if the escort you have hired is trafficked or not is to see whether she looks overtly tired and exhausted or not. These trafficked girls are overworked and ill treated, signs of which can be easily seen all over her face and body. If you read any of these signs, the best thing would be to report the authorities or interrogate further with the escort and clarify your doubts with strategic questions.

If an escort is not professional or look inexperienced, there can be only two possibilities that either she is new in the escort industry or she is trafficked. Spending time with her and interacting with her would clear the air of confusion for you. So, while meeting the escort, keep these tips in mind and if you come across anyone who is trafficked, reporting to the relevant authorities at the earliest is what you should do immediately.

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