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What is Bait and Switch?

The world of escorts is getting bigger and better by every passing day as more and more escorts come in to provide their services and reputed escort agencies trying every way possible to provide accurately professional services. There is simply nothing that will disappoint you in the world of escorts nowadays. However, just like in any industry, there are a few exceptions too and when it comes to escort industry, the problem of bait and switch is a common practice among many unprofessional escort agencies.  This is particularly rife among Asian Escort Agencies.

Bait and switch is a general term used for a situation when a client chose and booked a different escort after going through the selection online at the site of the escort agency, but a different escort was sent for the client. This is sure a highly unprofessional means to gather the business by force but this is how it is. A client after going through so many different profiles comes to a conclusion as to whom he wants to spend time with and thereafter, is enthusiastic and excited to meet his choice of escort. But, when a different escort is sent to the location to fulfill his wishes, it is not only upsetting and a big turn off, it actually ridicules the client and gives a bad name to the escort industry by large.

To safeguard yourself from such a thing to happen to you, make sure you clarify the same with the escort agency upon booking and make it a point that whenever it happens to you, if at all, refuse to avail the services and cancel the appointment then and there. You didn't ask for it and therefore, you are not entitled to pay for it too. In a situation where the escort you booked is not available, the escort agency must inform you the same prior to send another escort and only upon your decision, can they go ahead to send another escort if you agree to it.

How to avoid Bait and Switch Escort Agencies

Here at Sexy Asian Escorts we have real photos posted on the site and do not engage in such malpractices to entice new clients. However, it cannot be denied that there are escort agencies out there looking to burn a hole in your pocket by unscrupulous ways. But, if you can keep your eyes open and use your presence of mind, you will not have to be the victim to such acts by escort agencies.

One needs to understand that no matter how much you feel anguished in such circumstances, do not express it to the escort knocking on your door. Politely cancel the appointment and ask her to leave immediately after narrating your case decently. Do post your experience on the internet too - naming such escort agencies so that other clients can be aware of the same and that such escort agency get that well deserved bad reputation.

We have many customer who call us who have been a victim of bait and switch and many after using us at Sexy Asian Escorts do not use anyone else.

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