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What is the difference between Brothels and Escort Agencies?

If you have been wondering if there is any difference between a brother and escort agencies, then the answer is yes. There are a lot of differences between a brother and an escort agency at a number of levels, starting from how it functions, what it offers and to whom it caters and much more. Brothels were very common at one point of time and even today, modern versions of brothels can be seen in many parts of the world, including big cities.

The brothel is a basically derogatory term or should we say, a tabooed term, which people do not want to use. Brothels are low profile prostitution centers where women provide sexual services for money. These women at Brothels are called prostitutes, hookers and sluts which are even considered slags in the contemporary world. Low profile people visit brothels and safety standards of brothels are almost threatening as it is not strictly regulated and the business is done in a pretty raw nature, with no ethics, assurance of customer satisfaction or etiquette.  Brothels are also completely illegal in the UK.

Escort agencies, however, cater to the majority of clients looking for a good company and quality sensual pleasure. The amount clients need to pay for the escorts availed from escort agencies might be higher but the quality and brisk services, professional escorts and unbelievable pleasure it guarantees, makes the whole affair worth it. Each and every escorts hired by escort agencies are handpicked after proper background screening and are versed especially to ensure that they are able to meet the demands of the clients.

They are well dressed, good looking, have a well maintained figure, a magnetic personality and all the etiquette and manners you can ask for from a modern woman, with whom you can go to the best fanciest of places without having to think twice. The way the escort agencies operate is also very advanced as they have websites where they put up the picture, profile data and other details about various escorts they offer and regarding their services. You can browse through their site in your own sweet time and simply call them up and fix the appointment.

Almost all men from middle to upper strata of the society prefer escort agencies when they seek pleasure and sensual fun as the women available with these escort agencies not only are super sexy but also come different parts of the world and hence, you can choose and get whatever your heart desires.

They are available for both in-call and out-call services and will be at your service when you need them. They are good to speak to and are moderate to decently educated and thus, they blend well with just any kind of ambiance, whether you want to take her to a business conference or a late night party in a posh nightclub.

An illegal  brothel is straightforward in nature and doesn’t provide the fun of having a company and basically means business from the word go in a very blunt manner, if you know what it means. In other words, you go to a brothel, have sex, pay money and leave. That’s everything that is there to a brothel. The worst part is that brothels are illegally run these days and if you are caught availing their services or if there is a police raid on the day you visit a brothel, you will be prosecuted as well.

Criminals and low profile gang mans visit brothels for fun and the ambiance itself is a turn off for a man from a decent background. It is risky visiting a brothel, starting from the risk of STD s to the risk of police and on your worst days, you might even have a fatal encounter with a pimp there. In many cases, it has been reported that people visiting brothel have been robbed, mugged or harassed for various reasons.

Escort Agencies are much more secure

Escort agencies guarantees safety, security, privacy and confidentiality and above all, escort agencies are legal. You do not need to worry about taking services from escort agencies. However, it is worth finding the best escort agency and then going ahead as there might be many brothels working in the name of escort agencies.

Checking the market reputation by going through the reviews online will help you make an informed decision. Escorts from escort agencies are paid for their time and whatever happens after the interaction between the client and the escort depends on the mutual consent between two adults. So, in the final analysis, it can be said that brothels and escort agencies are widely different and the range of services offered by brothels is limited to sex, whereas escort agencies cater to finer audience and offers a larger spectrum of services.

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