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Why Asian Escorts may refuse an appointment

Asian escorts are one of the most sought after escorts these days and it is a good idea to book one for you, to enjoy the heavenly pleasure she has the potential to provide. However, you cannot take Asian escorts for granted and treat her any which way you like. Asian escorts are a thorough professionals and they would love do almost anything to pleasure you, if you are able to meet the expectations of Asian escorts too in terms of general etiquette, courtesy and manners. Asian escorts can refuse an appointment if they find that you are too drunk to be in your senses to know your limitations as it can tamper with their safety boundaries and may even intrude their health concerns.

As far as our booking team goes we screen all the calls and if you are rude,aggressive or abusive we have the right to refuse your appointment.  Also if you clearly do not have the funds to pay then we will not offer you an appointment.

Booking and enjoying with Asian escorts is a private and personal thing and is meant to be enjoyed alone and in full privacy, especially when indulging in sensual pleasure. However, if Asian escort on entering your premises find out that there are other guys too, it simply cannot be accepted and is something for which Asian escorts won't think twice to cancel the appointment. If you would be having someone else around, you should let the escort or the escort agency know prior to the appointment as that would help the Asian escort to make preparations for her safety that way and it will also help to make up that frame of mind.

Looking decent and clean is one of the necessary requirements while meeting an Asian escort or just any escort for that matter. If you are looking too scruffy and messy, it is a turn off for just any girl and for Asian escorts, it is a profession and therefore, they just cannot go ahead with the appointment in such cases as it threats their health and safety. It is best to have a proper warm shower before the appointment, dress crisply and wear a good perfume. It indicates your etiquette and also puts to comfort all the doubts that Asian escort might have at the initial few minutes of the appointment.

Why some customers may be refused

Some of our Asian escorts have had very bad experiences in the past with certain types of customers.  This is unfortunate for the genuine people but many have had a bad experience with black gentleman so if this applies to you please check with us before you book.

If you are going to visit an Asian escort to her place, taking note of the above mentioned points is even more important as that will be taken as a threat to her safety. Not only the appointment would be canceled without consideration, you might get into unwanted trouble as well.

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